Hanauma Bay – The Best Beach For Snorkeling


Hanauma Bay is undisputedly the very best seaside for snorkeling or maybe scuba diving in Hawaii. Protected offshore from difficult East Oahu waves by a short fringing reef, the bay provides secure exploration of its marine life all year round. The water is warm as well as shallow and clear, catering to individuals of ages. And you are in Hawaii’s very first marine protected conservation district so you are constantly certain to have unspoiled attractiveness.

From the parking lots on the lava rock formations in the idea of the seaside park, it’s likewise simple to understand why the Hanauma Bay Beach Park reaches almost as 3000 site visitors one day and exactly why Hanauma Bay Beach Park was selected as America’s Best Beach in 2004 by Dr. Beach. At the parking lots, the lookout points today fill you with amazing sights while before you descend on the bay. To reach the bay, visitors are able to take the steep walkway or maybe the shuttle bus.

Hanauma Bay is a distinctive one: the floor of its is an ocean breach crater. The bay was form whenever the crater’s seaward wall collapsed and seashore filled the crater. Shaped as a horseshoe, it’s fronted by a 2000 foot, gray sanded shoreline. Many fascinating coves & inlets are spread around the bay. On the bay’s left stage, there is an all natural catch basin named “Witches’ Brew.” On the correct side, there is a pool known as “Toilet Bowl,” called so due to the toilet-bowl flushing plus filling activity of the swimming pool each time ocean water surges into a close by inlet.

In general, Hanauma Bay is risk-free for scuba diving, snorkeling, and swimming. On the western aspect of the bay, nonetheless, there is a risk named area “Cable Channel,” called and so because this particular part was dredged in the 1950s to place a trans Pacific cable channel. The channel has strong rip currents so in case you snorkel right here, you may wind up taken from the bay on the open ocean.